6 Ways to Honor Administrative Professionals

In most companies you’ll see listings of the leaders – the president, vice presidents, board of directors. But in most of those successful companies there are the unsung heroes that make the job of those leaders possible – administrative professionals.

This is Administrative Professionals Week, and Wednesday is Administrative Professionals Day. Administrative professionals, or admins as they’re sometimes referred to, are those who handle many of the typing, correspondence, filing, receptionist and other valuable office jobs that support the rest of the company.

There are about 22 million administrative professionals in the United States and 97 percent of them are female. That wasn’t always the case, though. Before 1900, it was primarily a male entry level position, then usually called clerk. But after World War II, more women entered the work place and preferred the administrative jobs, then usually called secretary positions.

The first Administrative Professionals Week was held in 1952, with the Wednesday designated as Administrative Professionals Day. It is a time when many companies show their appreciation for this often unsung work by doing something special. Here are six ideas of how to honor your company’s administrative professionals.

Broadcast. Use your social media outlets as a way to express your gratitude by name to your admins. Include photos if you can.

Lunch date. Depending on the size of your admin staff, take them to lunch or have it catered. Another alternative is providing a gift card to a local restaurant then allowing them to take a long lunch.

Gift baskets. A small gift basket shows appreciation. This can include food, coffee, lotions or gift cards. Knowing your admins’ preferences will help you choose the right items to include.

Bouquets. Most women enjoy receiving flowers as a sign of appreciation. There are also other creative options, like edible fruit arrangements.

Personal thanks. Public recognition and gifts are a fantastic way to boost your admins, but nothing beats a personal word thanking them for all the things they do. If possible, recall a specific instance when their contribution made a difference to the success of the company.

Don’t stop. To really show your appreciation, make your thanks known throughout the year, not just one day a year.

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