Phil Hear Revelations 12:5

Revelation 12:5 CSB
She gave birth to a Son, a male who is going to rule all nations with an iron rod. Her child was caught up to God and to his throne.


No doubt this Son is Christ who came to earth for a while and gave his life as a ransom for us and now sits on His throne by God the Father, even though satan tried to devour Him at birth and ever since.


Although satan was a powerful angel who was thrown to earth along with a third of the Angel’s, he still has power and desire to destroy and since he can’t touch Jesus, he continues to try to devour the servants of the Lord on earth; so we must hide behind the power of our Lord.


O heavenly Father, you have conquered the attempts of that great dragon satan and now we praise you for saving us and protecting us from satan’s powerful attacks on your children.

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