CallingPost connection graphic.jpgSince 1995 a major Move the Mountain Ministry Partner, CallingPost Communications, has helped churches and other organizations with their messaging solutions. The easy-to-use system allows a person to record one message and send it out to an entire group via voice, text or email, from 2 to 10,000 or more, in just one step.

Through the same partnership, Move the Mountain also now offers a virtual phone assistant that gives a phone identity to churches who no longer rely on a landline. This phone answering system means every call will be answered even if no one is in the office – or even if the office doesn’t have a phone. It can be set up to record messages that are emailed to person the message was left for.

Many churches do not have their own websites. Move the Mountain also offers a simple yet professional-looking website template that allows a church to have an online presence quickly and easily.

In addition to the website, a calendar system that allows events to be organized easily is provided. Easy on-line event sign-ups ensure that everything is covered, from time-slots to what is needed such as volunteers and materials.