soup_7643cnChurches are part of the communities they’re located in and Christians are called to meet the needs they see – addictions, poverty, homelessness and other social ills. But that is an often overwhelming task for a small church.

Move the Mountain Ministries partners with ordained ministries that already provide solutions to these real-life needs, like the Salvation Army. Move the Mountain also finds unique community ministries that churches can duplicate in their own communities. Move the Mountain packages, organizes and structures the various aspects of the programs, such as setting up the groups needed to run the ministry and a planning calendar to help a church take all the necessary steps before launching the ministry.

An example of such a unique ministry is Megiddo Dream Station in South Carolina that helps the under-educated learn work skills, financial management and basic living organization in a Christian setting. These skills help them to successfully land a job and begin making a move out of poverty. Megiddo has a success rate of more than 90 percent.