Move the Mountain Ministry’s Mission and Vision Statements

Our mission is:  

Engage with the local church to shine the light of Christ. (for God’s glory).

Our vision is:

By 2030, engage 100,000 churches to impact the world with the light of Christ producing over five million first generation disciples.

Mission & Vision Descriptions

The Mission of MTM is to engage the local body of Christ, the Church, providing personal guidance, leadership and much needed encouragement through highly developed, easy to use, tools and well structured sets of Biblically based study series designed to refocus the local church to it’s Biblical mandate.  MTM will help guide and rekindle these churches to return to their calling and mission to shine brightly the light of Christ for God’s glory and make disciples.

The Vision of MTM is a God sized vision while in perfect alignment with the Great Commission of Christ as given in Matthew 28:18-20.  By 2030, through direct engagement and guidance, MTM envisions impacting 100,000 churches across the nation to be reignited by the renewing power of the Holy Spirit.  As a result of these Churches’ lights being restored, tens of thousands will be saved out of darkness, countless communities transformed by the power of the Gospel, and over five million first generation disciples will be produced impacting the world for God’s glory.