Move the Mountain Ministries believes there is hope for America’s churches to become revitalized with new energy and once again become the light of the world and a city on a hill (Matt. 5:14). Our goal is to provide churches (especially small and medium-sized churches) and Christian organizations with resources that help them organize, operate more efficiently, generate new ideas and offer encouragement.

The following are some of the areas where Move the Mountain Ministries plans to provide resources for pastors and church leaders:



-Virtual Office Assistant

-Voice & Text Messaging



-Focused & Simple

-Real Solutions

-Innovative and Fun







Engagement & Encouragement

-Automated Systems

-Easy Activation

-Pastor/Leader Responsive


Outreach Partners

-Community Focused

-Simple Witness

-Interest Generator


Focused Ministry Solutions

-Ordained Ministries

-Simple Integration

-Church & Community Outreach


Sister Missions

-Hands-on Projects

-Offer Prayer, Encouragement & Support

-Progress Reports

Recovery & Rejuvenation


-Team Building



Biblical-Based Advisory Board

-Kindred Heart

-God-given Talents

-Prayer Warriors


Volunteer Support

-Church Members

-MTM  Coaches



Kindred Heart Sponsorships

-Sister Churches

-Legacy Individuals