Hope summit updates

God has given us, as the Body of Christ, an amazing opportunity to share the great HOPE of Jesus with 600,000 people in the CSRA.

There’s a lot of pain, loneliness and stress, and it’s heartbreaking that of the 600,000 people in the CSRA:

  • 400,000 may need Christ and are not engaged with the Church Body 
  • 180,000 may attend church but are not engaged in the Mission
  • 20,000 are dedicated and engaged Disciples living the Mission

If we fervently pray for God to send His Holy Spirit upon us like He did at Pentecost, these numbers would change drastically within a year! Showing God’s Amazing Love and Hope in action to all 600,000 would greatly improve each of these categories resulting in potentially doubling the fully engaged Disciples from 20,000 to 40,000.

You are cordially invited to attend this special and urgent Hope Renewal Summit as a Sheppard of your church and community.

Move the Mountain (MTM) is trusting Almighty God to work through members of God’s Family to focus on key areas of CSRA community need through specific ministry actions. These will be discussed at the Hope Renewal Summit.

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