This MTM ministry that God has called us to is not about us, but rather about YOU. No matter who you are, what your status, or if you have received eternal life with Christ or not; we are all about sharing the Love of Christ with you. Here are some examples out of thousands of God’s work through MTM:

Someone without hope moved to a life of Joy

A silent student became an impactful Teacher

Someone without purpose gained Fulfillment 

A self-centered person started Loving Others

An addict broke chains to become Victorious

Someone considering abortion received JOY

Someone depressed found Hope and Love

A loner cried Use Me & received Gods Calling

A person in Crisis was helped to a new Life*

*For example, Mary was an RN with loving husband and three children. Life seemed great but a slip of a powerful drug sent her down a steep crash to living with drug dealers for her drugs. Someone linked her up with C4 where she received God’s love and a new life. Now reunited with husband and children she serves others at a C4 ministry that MTM helped grow.

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